Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What Is Globalization and How Has the Global Economy Shaped the United States?

What is globalization and how has the global economy shaped the United States?  The Peterson Institute has all the answers with its newly launched and very first microsite, titled "What Is Globalization?

This interactive feature explains a term that has become toxic, especially in today's political environment. The goal is to educate the public and clarify misconceptions about globalization's impact. Understanding the relative costs and benefits can pave the way for alleviating problems while sustaining the advantages.

The Peterson Institute's new microsite covers:
  • Why historical context is import.
  • How trade helps each side.
  • Demystifying job effects.
  • Measuring the benefits vs. costs.
  • The difficulties facing US-China Trade
  • How to sustain globalization through policymaking.
Visit the What Is Globalization microsite.

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