Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Giving Tuesday Is Trying to Go Global

Giving Tuesday is trying to go global. Which, according to a Brit, is a tough sell, given what it considers its links to the all-American festival of Thanksgiving.
Here in London, my friends and I have been bombarded with advertisements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (What Amazon can flog in Boston, Amazon will flog in Belgravia.) Small Business Saturday has also taken off, largely as a social media opportunity for UK politicians to be photographed enthusiastically at small businesses in their constituency. (The basics of local politics also cross borders.) Unmoored from any connection with Thanksgiving, it is marked on the first Saturday in December as a build-up to Christmas shopping.
The USA serves as a role model by paving the way to interconnect with the world.

"The culture of American exceptionalism that has graced this nation since our founding encourages risk-taking. In the U.S., more so than anywhere else, success born of risk-taking and innovation is handsomely rewarded, and failure is viewed properly as a tool for learning." -- Source

And by the way, we have friends and colleagues worldwide who participate in monthly wegg® wegginars®.  This is the time of year to give back and do something kind for organizations like wegg that help thousands of individuals receive opportunities they wouldn't normally have without the support of these great nonprofits.

Read more about the concept of Giving Tuesday and how it is going global.

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