Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Little Rain and Jazz Music for Wherever You Are Located in This World

Here's what people say about this 10-hour music video:

"My eight year old LOVES this. :)  I have it on for her when she comes home from school, and it puts her in a good state of mind. Thank you."

"Love this one.  Just gorgeous.  This is the perfect music for a cold winter night with a glass of Cabernet. Actually it's the perfect music anytime."

"Love this!!! Listening to this beautiful music while drinking my warm cup of green tea with lemon and honey, pretending it is raining in Saudi Arabia. Haha."

"I go to sleep faster and relaxes me."

"Despite the fact that Sao Paulo is in rainy weather, this jazz + rain session is perfect. It reminds me of 50's movies and I'm already sick of bossa nova. However before I stay depressed with jazz, the Instrumental Salsa is a good addition."

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