Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Why the Indian Consumption Story is Strong

Walmart India’s Managing Director, Kris Iyer spoke with YourStory on why the Indian consumption story is strong, and is unique every 100 km.  He also provides an insight into the working of the small store, regional brands, and how they are going digital.  Here are the questions he addresses:
  1. Why is the India story unique?
  2. Walmart is focused on small towns, is there any reason for that?
  3. You champion the smaller store in India. What have you learnt from serving them?
  4. Do you see the emergence of local brands?
  5. What work have you done with startups in India?
  6. What are some concepts that you have learnt from startups?
  7. Is Walmart focused on building an ecosystem of women entrepreneurs?
  8. Is India’s brand story going to explode and why?
Read more about how small stores, entrepreneurs and digital consumption are key drivers to India's growth.

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