Friday, May 25, 2018

Is Your Company's Core Competency Transferable Overseas?

Jim Altman, Middle Market Pennsylvania Regional Executive, Huntington Bank says, “To be successful in a foreign market, a company needs to gauge the viability of its product in that market, both in terms of its value proposition and price point, as well as understand the local competitive and regulatory landscapes."

He goes on to say, "“That requires assessing whether or not the competencies that made the company good domestically are transferable overseas.”

In an interview, Altman addresses 4 questions:
  1. How can companies determine whether they’re ready for the global stage?
  2. What commonly gets companies in trouble when they venture beyond the U.S. borders?
  3. How can a banking partner facilitate a company’s growth in the global market?
  4. What signals that a banking partner can support a company’s international efforts?
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