Friday, April 13, 2018

SMEs Are Increasingly Looking Beyond the EU for the Future Growth Plans

Brexit is requiring small businesses to fundamentally reassess the way they do business internationally, with small business owners being forced to adjust to a vastly different trading landscape. That means looking beyond the European Union to new international markets to facilitate growth and expansion.

Many are investigating market that have a dedicated Amazon and eBay national site, a useful medium for online retailers seeking to break into new markets. "EU countries are still a major target for SMEs expansion plans, with 50% saying Germany was a priority foreign market, 44% saying France and 24% saying Italy," according to the Financial Director.
However, SMEs are increasingly looking beyond the EU for their future growth plans. 70% said that the US was a key priority for expansion, 41% said Australia and 27% said Canada, clearly indicating that large, developed and English-speaking nations lead the way outside of the EU. Beyond that, 16% said China was an opportunity for expansion, 12% said Japan and 9% said India.
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