Friday, April 06, 2018

How Can Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Matt D'Angelo, covering technology for, interviews John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and former President of Pepsi. Sculley helped build these gigantic brands and he now believes that artificial intelligence is going to change the face of small business and marketing.

One of the questions D'Angelo asks of Sculley during the interview is:
Q: How can small businesses and entrepreneurs implement artificial intelligence today?

A: Many marketing services are now embedding machine learning technology into their solutions. Many consumer companies are making the transition to personalized marketing. AI will be foundational for consumer products and services that want to target a specific consumer based on detailed personal data and match it with predictions of what might appeal to them. Oil and electricity fueled the 20th century world. Now smart data is the fuel for the 21st century world. 
Learn more from Sculley on what impact AI will have on small business marketing and discover his new enterprise, Zeta Global.

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