Friday, March 31, 2017

SME Accounting Goes Global

Accounting software company Xero recently surpassed one million subscribers worldwide on its global cloud accounting platform.
The company has doubled subscriber numbers in less than two years and has quickly grown to become a global accounting platform leader, adding nearly 300,000 subscribers in the last year alone. 
What's the future hold for Xero?  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next wave of innovation not just for accounting, but for all aspects of running a business.
In the last 12 months, Xero has processed more than $1.2 trillion of global economic activity, giving it a unique and high-value dataset to drive insights and machine learning. Xero’s machine learning system can now code invoices for small businesses, categorize expenses and recommend accounting practices to a potential client, automating the busy work of accounting, freeing advisors up to focus on providing clients with expert advice. 
Xero seems to be reinventing and changing the way small businesses work in a digitally connected world.  Read more here.

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