Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How to Maintain Your Company's Global Goals While Building A Remote Workforce

Team building efforts that maintain open communication lines and that push critical information to remote employees can improve that engagement and keep remote employees from losing focus on a company’s global goals, one being to create an environment where people worldwide will flourish regardless of where they are based.
Small businesses with global operations can have one or more virtual offices at remote geographic locations with employees who work out of their homes or through a mobile technology platform. Remote employees can feel less engaged than their colleagues who are in the office.
What's the work around?  Develop team-building exercises. That's according to this article -- especially if you are participating in international markets.  If you want to gain a competitive edge in global markets, team-building exercises might be the answer to address certain challenges that come with international expansion (e.g., cultural differences, time zone complications and currency fluctuations).

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