Thursday, November 03, 2016

Discover Global Markets in Chicago With the Help of the U.S. Commercial Service

I had the great privilege to attend the Discover Global Market Business Forum 2016 Building Smart Cities, Chicago, Illinois, November 1-3, 2016 event in Chicago and hosted by U.S. Commercial Service.  What a robust program to learn more about international sales opportunities.

The event brought together leaders in smart cities industries to examine global market trends, learn about best practices and make connections for future business deals.  The program took place at the SwissĂ´tel in Chicago.  And I am always glad and honored to see the Mayor of anything to do with international trade in Illinois:  Richard Paullin, Executive Director, The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago and Chairman, Illinois District Export Council.

In 2015, Illinois exported more than $2 billion of goods alone to India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Qatar (all countries were represented with buyer delegations at the forum).

In addition to dynamic keynotes, cool workshops and plenary sessions, attendees had the opportunity to conduct B2B matchmaking on-site with foreign buyers.

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