Friday, October 16, 2015

Major Marker of Success: Going Global

Are you in need for real-time translation?  Microsoft claims Cortana is the ultimate international business partner and is available on all Windows 10-enabled devices and laptops.  But let's back up a bit.  For many small business owners, going global is one of the major markers of success — proving their business model is bullet-proof enough to be effective on a larger, more diverse audience scale. But taking a company overseas can also come with challenges that can quickly knock the wind out of a business owner's sail

What does Cortana do?
Cortana retrieves and processes information. So instead of wasting time searching the Internet for the currency of Brazil or shipping regulations in Russia, users can simply ask Cortana a question and she'll [not sure how Cortana is a female] comb the Internet to find the best answer. Cortana can also make web browsing easier: Now featured within the Edge browser, Cortana can quickly make sense of any unfamiliar words or concepts with a simple click.
Think of Cortana as a new personal assistant.  You'll have to test it out yourself to see how global "she" is.  Meanwhile, have a look at "Businesses Try to Fix Machine Translation."  And we still love Eriksen Translations for real people doing real translations (small plug).

Note:  The above on Cortana is an advertorial on Mashable.

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