Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Small Business Trends in 2015

Here's what we are seeing for small business trends in 2015:
  • Alternative capital flows will gain traction.
  • 3D printing will enable small batch manufacturing.
  • Big data analytics will see increased adoption.
  • The Internet will continue to be important.
  • The Cloud will be critical.
  • Content will be king.
Source:  6 Small Business Trends To Watch Out For in 2015
  • The shaping of the economy begins to mature.
  • Mobile payments come of age.
  • Startups on the side.
Source:  3 Trends Will Drive Innovation in 2015
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO
Source:  2015 SEO Trends You Need to Know
  • Bitcoin will not go away.
  • More small businesses will go global.
  • Live online events will become more important.
  • Apps will take a new life form.
  • Global mobile commerce is set to explode.
  • Wearable/shareable devices will heat up fast and show huge increases. 
Source:  Laurel Delaney, President, GlobeTrade.com

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