Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Robinhood: The New Fremium Model

Robinhood is a zero-commission brokerage app for the iPhone, and is unlike any existing stock-market app.  What sets it apart is - it's mobile first, has no human traders to pay, doesn't charge a commission for standard trades and does does not require a minimum deposit - kissing the middleman good-bye.

Who does Robinhood work best for?  Someone in their twenties who wants to invest a couple hundred bucks here or there to put into the market.
Their “freemium” model allows customers to buy and sell US-listed stocks and ETFs, place market orders and limit orders, track data in real time, and customise watchlists for free. The app will, however, charge customers for premium services like margin lending.
Learn more:  Snoop Dogg and Marc Andreessen Backed This No-Fee Trading App Launching Today [12/12/14]

Is Robinhood global?  If not now, it will be.

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