Thursday, October 02, 2014

What Is Global Distance Selling?

DHL recently launched a survey with 11,000 consumers in 20 countries to better understand consumer attitudes toward global distance selling (better known as shopping the world or cross-border commerce) – and the study shows significant differences between countries.
... the study suggests that businesses must understand their customers’ decision-making processes and align their business accordingly. Being aware of cultural and structural differences is a key success factor, particularly for cross-border commerce.
In the study, you will find out:
  • Who is participating in cross-border shipping and in/with what countries are they most likely to engage?
  • How are consumers finding retailers?
  • How are consumers buying online? 
  • How are consumers' returns handled?
Download the study (requires quick registration):  "Shop the World: DHL Charts the Journey of the Online Consumer."

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