Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blogging LIVE From the World Entrepreneurship Forum at La Sucriere

©2014 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved.
©2014 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved.
Today we are at the famous La Sucriere (as shown above) where we will be a part of an exciting and engaging experience that combines online and face-to-face activities:  The World Entrepreneurship Crowd's Den, sponsored by the EMLYON Incubator.

We will hear from five talented start-up founders - from Singapore, Barbados, Turkey, Poland and France - who will pitch a panel of six experienced Lion investors who, in turn, will assess each founder's innovative business plan.

On a side but related note, I am thrilled that my World Entrepreneurship Forum colleagues are featuring copies of Planet Entrepreneur, a book I contributed to last year!

For more information on the World Entrepreneurship Forum and on how to get involved, visit:

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