Thursday, June 05, 2014

What You Need To Do To Get Your Website Ready For International Visitors

Our highly esteemed colleague, Vigdis Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Eriksen Translations talks about what you need to do to get your website ready for international visitors.  Be sure to read both articles below for the complete interview (two parts).

Part I:  Why Web Translation is Critical For American Companies

Vigdis covers a lot of ground - from how technology has played a factor in the growth of her business - to why web translation is critical for American companies to consider and what steps you need to take to prepare.

Part II:  How to Get In the Ready-State For Translating a Website

In this article, Vigdis discusses a five-step process to get in the ready-state for translating a website, how to overcome challenges facing companies that are new to web globalization and what's in store for the future on web globalization.

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