Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Interview With Web Globalization Expert John Yunker

I interview John Yunker (below) who during his professional career has helped thousands of companies and organizations take their websites global—or improve their existing global websites.

Here are the seven questions he addresses:
  1. What are two examples of the worst global websites and why?
  2. In terms of localizing a website, what’s the most challenging part of it? And is there a quick solution on how to overcome it?
  3. You recently wrote an interesting blog post about WhatsApp: Another “translation worthy” success story ( What’s the lesson for small-business owners who want to become big and global someday?
  4. GoDaddy is marketing the new top-level domain INTERNATIONAL. Do you recommend it or not?
  5. When a company is ready to translate its website, what factors should it consider before hiring a translation agency?
  6. You’ve often written about the danger of using flags on global gateways. Can you explain why?
  7. Looking into a crystal ball, what’s in store for the future on conducting business worldwide? What should we be paranoid about (disruptive changes ahead, for example) and what should we look forward to?
Read the entire interview:  Web Globalization Tips

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