Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Can Win in the Export Marketplace

Susie Hewson founded Natracare, which makes organic cotton tampons, 25 years ago because she felt there was a need the market was not meeting.  Natracare employs 10 people from its Kingswood base, generates around £11 million a year, and exports to more than 60 countries.
Susie said: "People think 'I can't enter' or 'I won't win'. [Referring to entering an award:  www.]  But it's not just for people who own a business but women who maybe work for big firms but make a contribution. I would encourage them to go for it."
Find out what it took for Susie to become a success by reading:  Successful women can help others.  In the article she also provides advice on how to win in the export marketplace.

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