Saturday, January 25, 2014

Packaged Goods and Community Bar: Maria's in Bridgeport, Illinois

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I had a delightful opportunity to visit a most charming and intimate little neighborhood place this past week:  Maria's in Bridgeport, Illinois.  Whoever would have thought that when you walk into what looks like a very small packaged goods storefront that in the backend is a little bar so cozy and nicely attended.  During my visit, I listened to a young gentleman, William Luck, serve as the DJ on gospel music for the evening.  What a wonderful job he did spinning music.  Oh I was right at home.

The beer and wine selection was phenomenal too.  Here's what some fans have said about Maria's through Google' reviews:

"The bar appears to be sort of dingy and expectations are lowered upon entering, but then the drink menu is handed over by an attractive and talented mixologist and suddenly the hype is real. The drinks were amazing."

"Maria's is a great city bar. No pretense, no judgment, a diverse crowd, and really great cocktails. They are widely known for their beers, but ordering a mixed drink is a treat. They have a wide selection of organic and small batch bottles and ..."

"A must visit in the Bridgeport neighborhood, it's one of the few "slashies" still around (liquor store in front, bar in the back). The craft beer list is pages long and they frequently host beer tastings. Their cocktails aren't to be missed ..."

You must give it a try sometime.  If it isn't already, Maria's is poised to become global with its visitors.  Go here for more information.  I'll be heading back there soon.

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