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New Kid on the Block in Chicago: OfficeMax in the Streeterville Area!

Photo courtesy:  OfficeMax
Photo courtesy:  OfficeMax
Photo courtesy:  OfficeMax
I had the great pleasure to connect with Kristin Muntean, vice president of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation at OfficeMax to discuss its new OfficeMax location in the heart of downtown Chicago. According to Muntean, the OfficeMax Business Solutions Center advances the third pillar in the OfficeMax “Road to Success” strategic plan—innovative and disruptive moves. As a leading worldwide supplier of workplace products, services and solutions that provides a seamless, multichannel network for delivering those solutions, OfficeMax is establishing a new way to partner with today’s growing businesses. Here’s an excerpt from our interview.

Laurel Delaney: Why did you open a location in the near North side of Chicago – Streeterville -- area?

Kristin Muntean: OfficeMax recognized the positive relationships that exist between the small business community and the city of Chicago. Chicago and OfficeMax both support small business, their growth initiatives and their innovation. With over 19,000 businesses within a one mile radius of the Streeterville location, there is a great opportunity for OfficeMax Business Solutions Centers to provide more focused support and solutions to the local businesses and the entrepreneurs in the area.

Delaney: Why the target on small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)?

OfficeMax has a successful history of serving business customers of all sizes, which makes us uniquely positioned to introduce a retail format designed for local businesses and entrepreneurs. We understand that entrepreneurs have specific needs and the importance of providing a resource nearby that will work to understand and serve their business. The OfficeMax Business Solutions Center is a unique retail concept designed specifically to address the needs of local entrepreneurs and small businesses through a relationship-based service center focused on the services, products and solutions they need.

Delaney: Please explain your key differentiator at OfficeMax Business Solutions Center.

Muntean: Through this relationship-based retail service center, OfficeMax provides local businesses with a portfolio of specially tailored services and solutions. Key elements of the OfficeMax Business Solutions Center in Streeterville include:

1. Focus on small business customer: We understand the needs of small businesses and have services, products and solutions to help grow their businesses.

2. Services focused: The store has a wide array of services, specifically designed for business, including print and document services, computer repair and maintenance, hard drive recovery, 24/7 IT support, websites and web design, domain names, cloud storage, shipping, office space planning, payroll processing, credit card processing and more. In addition to services, the OfficeMax Business Solutions Center also has a full array of office supplies and technology products including laptops, tablets and printers.

3. Business Solutions Adviser: Our Business Solutions Adviser has an office in the store and partners with business customers to understand their needs and create customized programs and pricing specifically designed for each business.

4. Knowledgeable associates: Associates have received enhanced training to ensure the highest quality service to help connect entrepreneurs to the products and services they need.

5. Collaborative and technology enabled center: Business community space within the store includes free Wi-Fi that lets customers conduct informal meetings or simply bring in their laptop to plug in and work.

Delaney: What’s the biggest benefit to SMEs knowing about your Center?

Muntean: The OfficeMax Business Solutions Center provides local businesses and entrepreneurs with a relationship service center to meet their needs and help them grow. We are a “one-stop shop” that goes beyond office supplies and products and offers a full range of services and solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses from start-up to those businesses that have years of experience. Every step of the process—from starting up and formalizing their business to setting up an office or website—OfficeMax can be their partner. Your readers can find out more about the service and product offering at the OfficeMax Business Solutions Center here:

So my dear readers, you want to grow your business?  Pay a visit to OfficeMax Business Solutions Center during the holidays!  The address is:  550 N. St. Clair Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, U.S.A. 

Note:  This is not a paid endorsement nor is it an advertisement.  This is merely our support to the great things OfficeMax is doing for SMEs in our neighborhood.

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