Friday, August 30, 2013

The Billionaire's Gift by Edward Iwata

My friend and colleague Edward Iwata wrote another e-book, "The Billionaire's Gift:  A Spiritual Business Parable," his debut fiction and available at the Amazon Kindle Store.

Here's what a reviewer said about the book:

"Edge-of-your-seat drama to the very end will promise to sweeten your soul and change your outlook for the better."

Here's what Edward says about his book:
IN A CRAZED and chaotic world, I'm grateful to God and Buddha for helping many of us find a higher purpose in life. The Billionaire's Gift is about seeking one's calling. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone in a free society can choose our destinies and cultivate our talents. Each of us - rich and poor, young and old - can bear a gift to share with others.

A recent personal episode - one of many encouraging signs that appeared while I wrote The Billionaire's Gift - confirmed my belief that I've rediscovered ...
Grab a copy of Edward's book here.

We featured Edward's first business e-book, "Fusion Entrepreneurs;  Cross-Cultural Execs and Companies Revolutionizing the Global Economy," September 2012.

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