Thursday, June 06, 2013

Rethink Your Diversity Training Initiatives When Going Global

Jennifer Gilhool just spent two years in China for the organization (Ford) where she worked.  She had to adjust quickly to working with people from a different culture who had different ideas and expectations in terms of how things should be done.
When I arrived in China, I received little, if any, real training on how to manage the diverse nature of our team. I had to learn by trial and error. And, I did learn. What I learned is that it is all about communication. Learning to listen and speak in a way that allows for common understanding. I also learned that humility goes a long way. Admitting that I did not know the culture, asking for help, accepting, respecting and being genuinely interested in understanding the culture gave me immediate credibility. Why? Because it provided the opportunity for the discussion.
Read the entire article:  "Going Global?  Better Rethink Your Diversity Training."

A little about Jennifer Gilhool (her Twitter handle is @JG_Ink and her Facebook page is here):
Jennifer Gilhool is a lawyer and management executive who recently spent two years in China building an extraordinary team to manage international regulatory compliance for a Fortune 10 Company.  She founded her own company, Pink Streak Ink, to work on issues of corporate diversity, leadership and education for women and girls around the globe.  She is about to publish her first book, Sheryl Sandberg, China & Me, which is a story of an ordinary woman who moved her family to China for her career, saw her career nearly implode, and with it, her life — or so she thought.  (Note:  It appears she is ready for: Escape From Corporate America).

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John Paul said...

I think it would be hard for a company to create an all inclusive training program since cultures are so divergent. In todays day and age I think the employee has a certain responsibility before attempting to organize or train within a foreign culture.