Friday, June 07, 2013

Can Ford Sell Overseas?

Here's the scoop:  "Ford's EcoSport SUV will be sold in more than 60 countries in four years. Currently, it's sold in 10 countries. The Edge will be sold in 40 markets, compared with 16 last year. The most important change might be the beginning of sales of the Escape in China this year."  That's all according to Erich Merkle, Ford's sales analyst.
By ignoring the growing trends of consumers who were downsizing to smaller vehicles and wanting improved gas mileage as fuel prices increased, Detroit automakers ran their businesses into the ground. Those poor decisions culminated in bankruptcies by GM and Chrysler, while Ford escaped by restructuring on the back of its own private loans. Fast-forward to today, and the SUV is a different beast and is beginning to sell again. The more important question for Ford is, can it sell overseas?
Read the entire article:  Can Ford Take SUVs to the Global Market?

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