Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Most Entrepreneurial Country in the World?

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Which country is the most entrepreneurial?

According to OECD, the U.S. does produce proportionately more large start-ups than its peer nations and new businesses have a much better than average chance of surviving at least two years.

But which other countries shine in the quest for entrepreneurship?  Jordan Weissmann, author of "Think We're the Most Entrepreneurial Country in the World?  Not so Fast," says the United States has:
a Start-up Rate Lower than Sweden's (and Israel's, and Italy's ...)
Find out more here.  There are enough graphs in the article to keep you busy and scratching your head.

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Sarah said...

The United States is entrepreneurial but I think much is because we are bold about harnessing the power of new technologies. Reaching out beyond your borders is easier and more affordable now with video conferencing and VOIP phone systems.