Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5th Edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2012

As a charter member, I'll be attending the 5th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon, France from October 24-27, 2012.

Topic of the 2012 edition: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: How to create entrepreneurship friendly ecosystems and foster the development of locally efficient entrepreneurial communities.

More than 200 participants will generate ideas and recommendations through the forum's think tank.
It is well recognized that entrepreneurs cannot succeed in a vacuum. They need customers, partners, suppliers, employees, legal, financial and educational institutions, as well as governmental bodies and proper infrastructure.

Ecosystems are made of environment, actors and interactions.

This year the participants of the forum will discuss this thematic through a round-the-world tour of ecosystems highlighting:

• Highly resource-endowed ecosystems
• Resource-constrained ecosystems
• Specifics of education within a sustainable ecosystem
• Territorially-constrained ecosystem (regional or local identity)
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