Friday, June 29, 2012

Betting on a Bright Spot For Growth: The United States of America

That's according to Clorox CEO Don Knauss.  In the WSJ article, "To Clorox CEO, U.S. Is Bright Spot for Growth," Knauss indicates he is staying out of China and developing markets in Latin America and the Middle East.  He's also betting on a bright spot for growth:  United States.
WSJ: Why is Clorox targeting growth in Latin America and the Middle East, instead of countries like China or Brazil?

Mr. Knauss: We think it is much less risky. The competitive intensity [in the BRIC countries] has ratcheted up many times what it was five to 10 years ago. When competitive intensity goes up, margins go down.We looked at our current countries in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, where sales of bleach and other cleaners are growing 5% to 7% ...
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