Friday, March 09, 2012

Meet Global Superstar Sophie, The Giraffe

Sophie la Girafe is a 7-inch-tall rubber teething toy (pictured with baby) made in Rumilly, France, created in 1961 and priced at U.S. $25 in the U.S. market.

The toy has achieved success outside its home country.

"What difference could there be between a Chinese, American or Russian baby?" he thought (referring to Mr. Jacquemier who is a minority shareholder in the company). He set out to understand why Sophie was such a hit in France—aside from the fact that most French mothers had once had their own giraffes.

The CEO hired a psychotherapist, who concluded the rubber chew toy tapped into all five senses: sight with its strongly contrasting colors; hearing with its easy squeak; taste because it is easy to chomp on; and the touch and smell of the natural rubber. The toy's petite size made it easy for babies to grip.
Find out how the producers of Sophie determined it could sell overseas and what they did to make it happen here. Fascinating story.

Sophie is made by Vulli.

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