Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Wake Up World: The Future of Computing Is Here

David Gelernter, Professor of Computer Science at Yale, offers his fresh and compelling view on future computing, including his new concept called "lifestreams." Worth a read.
The idea, though, of lifestreams has been catching on. A lifestream is a way of organizing digital objects—photos, emails, documents, Web links, music—in a time-ordered series. A timeline, in essence, that extends into the past but also the future (with appointments, to-do lists, etc.). Facebook, with its "wall" constantly updated with postings by you and your friends, is a lifestream. Twitter's feed is a lifestream. "Chatter," developed by Salesforce.com for internal use by client companies, is a lifestream.
Rethinking the Digital Future

More on David at Edge and Wikipedia

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Minneapolis Lawyer said...

I'm not sure if this would be another example of a lifestream, but this infographic shows which thought leaders are cutting edge (green shoots) and which thought leaders are part of the establishment (orange leaves). http://blog.eloqua.com/the-blog-tree/