Thursday, July 14, 2011

U.S. International Trade Data May 2011

According to the ITA Blog Tradeology, exports decreased by 0.5 percent in May, total exports are still up 16.4 percent compared to the same period last year.

Thank goodness.  Otherwise, the NEI would fall flat on its face.

Statement from U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services:
“While exports dipped slightly in May, exports have been growing at a strong pace overall in the first five months of 2011, up 16.4percent compared to the same period last year. We’re making progress but we still have a way to go. Accelerating job growth remains a priority for this administration and we will continue to provide our businesses with the necessary tools to compete and win globally and create more American jobs. As we move closer to reaching the president’s goal of doubling exports by 2015, the Obama administration will continue to help businesses reach the 95 percent of consumers who live outside our borders,” Locke said.
Export fact sheet here.  Illustration credit:  U.S. Foreign Trade Data (U.S. Census)

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