Wednesday, April 06, 2011

America's Favorite Pies: Are They Exportable?

I visited a couple of these places online (refer below) to see whether they ship anywhere in the world.  Many ship within the United States.

Think there's an export opportunity here?

If the companies can freeze product and ship safely locally, which many are, there's a good chance they can take their product across borders (a little more expensive on the shipping but to customer overseas, I suspect they'd be willing to pay to try an unforgettable American pie).

America's Most Unforgettable Pies


Idris Manley said...

There is definitely a market abroad, as there is for almost any product/service offering. US businesses generally speaking need to expand their (global) vision and embrace global marketing practices as a means to reach these new audiences.

This is a clear win-win for everyone. International customers enjoy some of the best mom's apple pie the world has to offer, and American bakeries establish new revenue streams.


Laurel Delaney said...

Glad we are on the same page Idris. And thanks for sharing your opinion and for reading our blog.

Keep us posted on your new Web project which claims it's a revolutionary way to expand a business into global markets.

We're all ears!

My best,