Thursday, December 02, 2010

Notes from the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 (Part I)

After attending the third edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum (, I was overwhelmed by the inspiring presentations from thought leaders around the world.

With this blog post -- the first in a series that I'll cover over the coming weeks --  Patrick Molle (pictured at microphone), President of Emlyon Business School (founding member of World Entrepreneurship Forum) is featured.

According to my notes, here are some of the points he touched on during his welcome presentation on "Shaping the World of 2050."
  • Worldwide environmental changes
  • Accelerating backlash against globalization
  • Depletion of vital resources
  • There will be 9 billion people by 2050
  • At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10/day!
  • Africa is the only continent creating bigger youth population than older population
  • The world needs more (environmentally friendly) jobs
  • The world needs to reinvent itself
  • The world needs a new development model which reconciles the creation of wealth and with social justice (Laurel here ... which is what the World Entrepreneurship Forum is based on)
Ambitions for the World Entrepreneurship Forum:

Primary:  Educating entrepreneurs of the world (with emphasis on early stage).

Secondary considerations:
  • How to prepare young people?
  • How to train (to become agile)?
  • How to educate cross-cultural leaders?
Goal: To produce entrepreneurs for the world!
"Entrepreneurs are not born but created by their experience." ~ Patrick Molle, President of EMLYON
His conclusions and recommendations can be found here (requires translation).

Revert to this post for photos from the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 and go here to learn more about what took place and its overall mission.

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