Monday, August 30, 2010

If You Were to Bet on Growth, Where Will It Come From?

According to Abbott Laboratories Chief Executive Miles D. White:
... he has assembled a business in fast-growing countries that the company will count on for a big part of its growth.
"Where do you think the growth in the world is going to come from?" Mr. White asked during an interview at his suburban Chicago office, a few miles from Lake Michigan. "Would you bet on the U.S.? Would you bet on Western Europe? It's going to come from emerging markets."
The article goes on further to say:
Now, the fast-growing emerging-market economies are much more attractive. Expanding middle classes in such countries as Brazil, South Korea and Turkey are not only spending more on health care, but their rising affluence has contributed to increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and other conditions that once had been limited to developed markets. Some governments, notably China's, are beginning to provide insurance to pay for health care.
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