Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Survive a Shaky Global Economy

UPS CEO Scott Davis has some experience on surviving a shaky global economy.

Totally agree with his closing paragraph in the featured piece:
The current shaky economic environment is a challenge for all leaders, Davis acknowledged. He detailed three types of corporate responses to the economic downturn. "Some companies won't make it. Some will be crippled; it may take five, six or seven years for them to get back to the level they were at before the collapse." The third type of company, however, will keep its long-term goals in sight. It will pursue strategic growth in line with its core values. These companies will effectively balance conventional and digital business, strive for efficiency and think globally. Consequently, Davis said, these companies will learn, adjust and evolve as the global economy recovers. "Some companies will come out of the recovery stronger than ever. Times of great uncertainty are also times of great opportunity."
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Ashley Hall said...

Thanks for sharing this, Laurel. This statement couldn’t be any truer. A stable, efficiently run and innovative company will explore every possible avenue to ensure that they can make it through tough times. The shaky economy is just demonstrating which companies need to work on their efforts.