Monday, July 05, 2010

International Revenues Rising

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According to the International Business Survey, released by HSBC's Commercial Banking division, it found that U.S. mid-sized companies, much like their large-cap brethren, are increasingly pinning their growth plans on markets overseas even as the U.S. economic recovery slowly takes hold.

Not surprising:
HSBC's International Business Survey found that the portion of U.S. executives planning to increase their overseas sales targets rose sharply to a survey high of 72%, up from 49% in 2008 and 56% in 2009, underscoring the rapid globalization of the core of America's economy. Fifty-six percent (56%) of the executives polled say their overseas sales are growing faster than domestic sales, a rebound from 52% last year though still below the 67% level seen in 2008.
Read the news release here.

Can't seem to find the actual study. If you need further information, contact Juanita below.

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