Friday, July 09, 2010

Do Small Businesses Benefit From the National Export Initiative?

I've been wondering about this for some time. Do small businesses really benefit from the National Export Initiative? Every time a journalist/reporter asks me about it, I say the same thing: I am not so sure.

Has the number of U.S.A. small business exporters changed much over the last two decades let alone the last four months? I've tracked a number of anywhere from 240,000-270,000 SB exporters.

Anyone know what the current number is considering the BIG export push?

Please weigh in if you have the facts, thanks.

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FYI: small business Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney is Chair of the President’s Export Council

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McKibbinUSA said...

Given that large corporations are in the process of buying up most of the viable small businesses in America, the better question is whether or not startups and microfirms have an opportunity to seize the day as exporters. Like it or not, large-scale enterprise in America is self-destructing. Moreover, small businesses in the US are operating in a hostile economic and regulatory environment here at home ("Walrmartization" is alive and well). But, I am starting to see some intriguing opportunities for small businesses who can still "fly below the radar" of regulators and banks. One theme that is starting to emerge is the idea that dollars are less desirable for payment than other "hard" currencies from overseas, or even gold. If we take that view to the next level, then the financially and economically saavy will see where the opportunties lie instantly. Service exports remain strong out of the US. More at:

Large businesses may be in trouble, but small service businesses are thriving right now...