Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SMB Exporters Exude Confidence About Their Companies' Future

According to a survey commissioned by UPS, although concerned about the economy, small- and medium-sized business exporters are confident about their companies' futures, especially when it comes to international sales.

I've always felt that exporting and boldness go hand in hand.
"Entrepreneurs who export are self-assured, adaptable and resilient so it doesn't surprise me that the survey shows exporters are confident about meeting their business goals," said Laurel Delaney, owner of small-business consulting firm Global TradeSource, Ltd.
Yet many SMBs feel -- if only they could get started!
"Talking to current exporters reveals that for many small businesses, the most difficult thing about exporting is just getting started," said Dan Brutto, president, UPS International. "But with the administration's new export initiative, there's never been a better time for small businesses to give exporting a try. The right partner can serve as a bridge to help businesses ease into global trade and, in turn, find new revenue streams."
For complete results of the Business Monitor United States survey, visit http://ups.com/businessmonitor/us.

Did you know? UPS also offers tips and resources for small businesses looking to export at http://pressroom.ups.com/snapshotsforsmallbiz.

Immediate download (PDF) offering facts and tips on how to take your business global:
2010 Business Monitor United States fact sheet

Immediate download (powerful information -- worth a good long look):
2010 Business Monitor United States full report

UPS blog, UPSide here.

So, muster up that boldness (kitty cat confidence as shown in photo) and get exporting!

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