Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Compete Globally

It starts with participating in export seminars and utilizing a sort of Cliff Notes on how to do business in six (6) different countries.
UPS, a longtime advocate of the benefits of international commerce, today announced a series of key global trade initiatives aimed at helping small- and medium-sized businesses expand and compete in today's rapidly changing global business environment.
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The Cliff Notes (snapshots, if you will, provide an overview of global markets that present significant opportunity to U.S. small businesses, whether you are just beginning to explore international trade or already expanding to new markets) can be found here and include Brazil, Canada, China, India, Poland and Vietnam.

Complete global toolkit can be found here.

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Emily said...

Well it has become very important to take your business to an international level(ie competing globally). Your blog is great and quite helpful. Thanks for the post.