Monday, December 07, 2009

The Need to Go Global in 2010

We featured the report, Taking on the World, in a recent edition of our monthly e-newsletter, Borderbuster, but for those of you who don't subscribe, we think it's important enough to re-highlight here. The report is published by KPMG Canada.
Growth opportunities for Canadian private companies don't always come from north of the border or sea to sea. Increasingly, foreign markets are the places to be if an organization is to achieve maximum growth in today's global economy. Indeed, Canada's future prosperity depends to a large extent on Canadian businesses' ability to compete globally by expanding successfully beyond the country's borders, thus taking full advantage of global markets and opportunities.
The report documents the extent of private companies' foreign operations to date; sheds light on the benefits of global expansion for private companies, and the key challenges and risks of doing so; and provides information about local employee and supply resources in foreign markets.
Access report: Taking on the World

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Mike from Drop Ship said...

To strengthen the Canadian economy, the businesses have to flourish beyond borders. The task is not easy and calls for a lot of efforts and co-ordination.