Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is Canada's Economy Freer?

Than what?
I work for a libertarian think tank, and libertarians are supposed to disdain the land of poutine and Dan Aykroyd for its socialist health-care system and general failure to really love liberty. Yet not only can you get gay-married in any of the provinces, or almost-legally toke up in your toque up there, but Canada’s economy is also slightly freer than that of the global hegemon to its south. According to the Cato Institute, at least.
Read the full whimsical story here.

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Toronto Julie said...

Waking up Canadian, they had a great ad for this on TV. I'm happy Canada is being so open minded and cool about its inhabitants. It really is pleasant to live in a country where you don't have to deal with any stupid laws and restrictions. And I believe all this positive attitude is bringing us advantages over other countries when it comes to our economy. We can see how our economy is picking up speed so much faster than the US one. Even the real estate market is starting to boom again, read my article about a survey among realtors. Canada really is a great country :)

Take care, Julie

North Toronto said...

Exactly. Your question is just right - than what? Anyway, I have just done a little research about the CATO institute and it indeed seem to be pretty respected and reliable.


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