Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Driver Of Our Global Growth Is Not To Make Money

Don't you find this hard to believe?
"The driver of our growth is not to make money, but to continue investing in this market." ~ Harish Manwani, president of Unilever's Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe division.
It may be a planned global strategy but is it sustainable over the long haul?

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Donald Cranford said...

Good post, Laurel. You might be interested to learn about Franchise Direct's poll of the Top 100 Global Franchises. Like you were writing about above, these rankings, which were recently published, shows how many companies are thriving on an international level. More info here:

Zane Safrit said...

Simple post. Powerful question. Your question deserves a more thoughtful answer than what I offer here. But yes, in broad sense, Unilever's strategy is sustainable. It's the difference between exploiting a market (making money) and building (investing) in a market.

The term exploiting can be hyperbolic, extreme. But, on short notice that's the term that came to mind. Ultimately, if Unilever is investing in markets then they look to the long-term to create markets that will not only generate a positive ROI but a sustainable ROI that serves to fund investments in other markets in the future.