Friday, July 17, 2009

Startup Entrepreneurs Take On The World

Are you a relatively new entrepreneur (newpreneur)? Do you have a start-up story to tell that will blow people's mind because it's that amazing and important?

Then you should take a look at Alibaba's (microsite here) Newpreneur of the Year program which affords you a chance to take home a share of $100,000 in business grants.
It's simple: share your story in a short essay on why you should be the Newpreneur of the Year; join Alibaba for an inspiring discussion and dialogue among experts (e.g, Tom Peters) and peers and celebrate the excitement around entrepreneurship. Top Grant=$50,000, Second Grant=$25,000. Third Grant=$15,000 and two Fourth Grants=$5,000.
Alibaba (China-based) claims it is the world's largest online B2B marketplace.

Deadline for the contest: August 14, 2009.

Apply here.


Zac said...

Thanks for the heads up, definitely want to enter. Keep up the good blogging, it's all about the small business start-ups!

Mike from Drop Ship said...

That is a good platform for the new entrepreneurs to start. The reward is amazing too! Thanks for the form.

Matthew Pearson said...

Newpreneur - love it, going to use it more in casual conversation!

Peter Luke Baptiste said...

Thanks for the info. I definitely will check it out.

jonathan said...

Start up entrepreneurs have great opportunities to move the current recession. Good luck for all.