Friday, July 10, 2009

Hit the Global Reset Button

Maria Bartiromo, anchor of CNBC's Closing Bell and author of "Face Time" column in BusinessWeek, talks with Alexander Cutler, CEO of Eaton, a $15.4 billion diversified corporation with businesses extending deeply into the global economy. She asks eight questions:

1. Do you think the economy is resetting?

2. So how important is it for companies at this point in the economic cycle to be preparing for recovery?

3. With things so volatile, how can anyone presume to know what's around the corner?

4. When do you think we'll see job creation again?

5. What are you doing at Eaton to reset your game plan?

6. Which of your businesses have fared best and which have fared worst in the recession?

7. I'm hearing a lot of multinational CEOs complain about President Obama's proposed tax on foreign profits. What are your thoughts?

8. Are there any positives that have come out of this reset?

Worth a read to find out what's on Alexander's mind.

Inside a Company Resetting for Recovery

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