Monday, October 29, 2007

Podcast: Solutions For Your Small Business

Listen (or read all about) a new -- thanks to UPS -- customs clearance and international returns solutions for small businesses.

Here's a clip from the beginning of it:
Gardner: Let’s start with Laurel. Help us understand some of the issues facing small businesses, those seeking to expand their addressable markets and how they can start doing more business overseas.

Delaney: Actually, there are two forces at work right now for small businesses. One has to do with the issue of globalization. I think we all know the buzz that’s going on about going global that has been driven largely by Thomas Friedman with his book, "The World is Flat." He’s caused mainstream America and all small businesses to step up to the plate and consider the world as your market. The second force is technology, and technology is making it easier now to go global.
Visit here if you want to listen to the podcast or read the transcript. Go here if you want to simplify international trade.

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