Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Greetings from Asha in India

Dear Laurel,

We at Kashmir Handicrafts (websites www.Kashand.com and www.Kashand.org) wish to thank you for your nice and informative Blog which we regularly visit and read. We are India based manufacturers and exporters of handicrafts and intricate Pietra dura tabletops, medallions and Taj Mahal replicas are our specialty. The issues confronting exporters are, in many cases, identical whether one is based in the US or in India. Many things on your Blog are noteworthy and make us learn a lot.

All of us thank you for your initiative and look forward to your continued writings. If at any time you or your friends require any items that we make, we would be glad to offer you our best attention and prices.

Thanks and regards,

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