Monday, May 07, 2007

Hi, Laurel ... How are you?

I always welcome emails like the one below from friends and colleagues worldwide. My new theory is to start measuring my ROA (return on accessibility) instead of ROI (return on investment). If you or your employees are not accessible, how will you contribute to the world at large?

Here's a message from a blogger colleague in China:
Hi, Laurel,

How are you? Having a good week?

My name is Rich Brubaker, and I am a fellow blogger located in Shanghai.

I recently found your blog, and have read your bio, and I just wanted to send a short welcome note to say that I look forward to following your blog.

Also, your software (blogspot) is actually being blocked by the great China Firewall, so I am unable to post replies (and that will also be the case for others in China).

Hope all is well and let me know if you would like to use any of my China content. I write a lot of content that SMEs would benefit from.

Hope all is well,

Richard Brubaker, MBA
China Strategic Development Partners LLC
Managing Director

934 Nanjing West Road, Suite 505
Shanghai, P.R.C. 200041
Tel: +86 21 6218 8486
Fax: +86 21 6217 0928
Website: China Strategic Development Partners
Weblog: All Roads Lead To China
Skype: rbrubaker_shanghai
Note to Richard ... thank you and hope you get the attention you deserve! Shame on China for blocking our blogs! Anyone in China who wants to post a comment on an entry, email me at ldelaneyatglobetradedotcom.

Take care,

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