Tuesday, August 15, 2006

LISA: The 2006 Global Business Practice Survey Report

Meeting the critical need to provide comparative data on how companies create and implement successful strategies for global business imperatives at the local level, the Localization Industry Standard Association (LISA) announces the 2006 Global Business Practices Report.

Responding to what it really takes to successfully support customers worldwide, the report provides a clearer picture of the globalization landscape by enabling readers to:

• Confirm where companies are placing their global priorities
• Better understand the international business issues affecting organizations worldwide
• Learn who is paying for what services, and how much they are paying
• Determine the exact skills required by their teams to succeed globally in the future

Learn more about it here. You can also download -- at no charge -- a detailed table of contents and a short excerpt from the 52-page report.

Note:  Since the date of this post, LISA has shut down.

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