Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stop Fakes, That Is, Global Intellectual Ones

Are you a small business? Well I sure hope so if you are reading this blog. As we are learning, success in a global economy depends more and more on intellectual property (IP) assets. In fact, IP-based businesses and entrepreneurs drive more economic growth in the United States than any other single sector.

Unfortunately, intellectual property has captured the attention of pirates and organized crime. Today, piracy, counterfeiting and the theft of intellectual property pose a serious threat to all U.S. businesses. Industry estimates of the cost of such theft range from $250 billion to 750,000 jobs per year. These threats to ongoing invention and innovation make it important to consider securing IP protection, whether you're a major multinational firm or a 1-person home business.

Stop fakes (fraud) and start taking action. Visit the site here.

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