Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brilliance At Its Best

WOW -- what a post! Read it to appreciate it but it's not simple. Here's an excerpt from the ending:
Investment banks like Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, technology companies like Microsoft and Google and many others are creating captive organizations in many parts of the globe to get access to this local talent pool. Why is this important? Well very few of the thinking workers "trade" on a global basis. Put another way, of the millions of engineers in Russia or India, few of them can move to where the work is -- so the smart companies, who have models where they can create high leverage for thinking work, are moving to that local supply of talent. The challenge is, very few organizations analyze who their thinking workers are, and which ones add the most leverage. Fewer yet ask, do we have the best in the world?
The immortal word of the founder of IBM, Thomas Watson, Sr. , was "THINK." If he were alive today he might say, "THINK! BUT WHERE?"

Catch the post by John Sviokla here: Thinking About the Thinking Class: Outsource low leverage thinking work, offshore high leverage thinking work

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