Monday, February 13, 2006

Is Offshoring Good?

In Fast Company

An interview with Ashok Soota, cofounder and managing director of MindTree Consulting in Bangalore, India and Marcus Courtney, President of WashTech/CWA, a Seattle-based union for high-tech workers. It starts out with Soota.

Soota: Globalization and technology enable every nation to sell globally and source globally. This is not without transitional pain. The pain is equal for a small retailer in India edged out by a global giant and an American whose programming job may go to Bangalore.

But no nation is as well-equipped to take advantage of the emergent phenomena as the United States, because it is a champion of free markets and has a large immigrant workforce with global connections. And Americans are by nature more adaptive, a strength that provides timeless resilience.

Read the interview here.

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