Wednesday, September 29, 2004

UPS CEO Says That All (Small) Business Today Is Global!

In Businesswire (9/29/04)

Decrying elevation of the issue of free trade into a political football, the chairman and CEO of UPS (NYSE:UPS) today called on small and large business alike to better explain to Americans the benefits of globalization and the disastrous effects of "economic isolationism."

He goes on to say ...

"Consider, for example, who's doing the exporting these days:

Some 97% of all U.S. exporters are small businesses and their ranks have tripled since 1992, Eskew noted. The value of their exports has increased over 300% since 1995. These exporting small businesses are at least 20% more productive than their non-exporting counterparts; they've experienced 20% greater job growth, and they pay wages and benefits that are at least 15% higher.

"But we can recite trade facts until we're blue in the face," Eskew continued, "facts like many, many more jobs have been lost to 'countries' called 'productivity' and 'technology' than to India and China. Facts like lower costs create more goods attainable by more people, improving lifestyles and creating better economic opportunities."

The facts mean nothing, he said, if the American public doesn't understand it can't retreat inside America; that all business today is global."

To read the entire press release, visit: UPS CEO Says U.S. Can't Afford `Economic Isolationism'; Challenges Business to Reverse Rising Anti-Trade Sentiment

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